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Mellow Yellow

Music of the 60s

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"Nothing would ever be the same again, the 1960's was the period of time which changed everything. The sixties decade was the most incredibly exciting, influential, inventive and vibrant period for popular music in the 20th century.


A 'warm up'
by the valley's own
"Bennett & Perkins"
begins at 6 PM


The Mellow Yellow Experience is a five-piece, happily stuck-in-the-'60s band, mixing unbridled affection for the psychedelic era combining to create a fun, all-senses-awake musical ride in the wayback machine. The songs the band re-creates are songs designed to instantly fire up your memory banks and make you sing along, no matter how much you think you don't want to.

"These songs have lasted because they come from an era when the music was not just wallpaper," David Cooper, founder of the band, said. "Music mattered; it was a huge part of your life."

. . . also featuring the Mellow Yellow Go-Go Dancers!


Opening for Mellow Yellow at the
"Early Concert"
Bennett & Perkins
see below

Artie says: "Hear Bennett & Perkins HERE!"
More information on the group can be found at

Outdoor Festival Concerts are found
at the base of the North Slope at Cranmore.

Headline concerts begin at 7:00 PM ~

A 'warm up' performance begins at 6 PM.

Beverages and Food available
on the Deck at Zip's Pub

Picnic suppers permitted ~ no alcoholic beverages

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Arts Jubilee 34th Annual Summer Concert Series
Live music performances for the Family to Enjoy.

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